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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Tuesday memes

Something that I have been trying to do (notice I say is still a work in progress) is to give my hubby some free time. You know to do "manly" stuff. It is my hope that it will show him how much I appreciate what he does at the house and for us. This has been extremely hard especially as a SAHM that is a military wife. My husband is frequently gone so sometimes I wage a war in my heart and head. That inner voice that is screaming, "I need my me time!" I ask that you pray with me on giving up that need for my me time & give it up so he can have some man time. is having For My kids today.

The topic is Mother's day traditions & memories.

Well far we don't have many traditions. (Unless you count daddy being gone as one of them?! I guess 1 out of 4 isn't too bad.) The gifts that you and daddy get me every year are not really necessary but very much appreciated! I LOVE all of the crafts and cards that you make. I know that I will treasure them for years to come. Every year has been memorable but I would have to say my first mother's day was very special. Daddy came home when you (Kendall) were 10 weeks old and left again to go back to Iraq when you were 8 months old. We went to PA to visit with Grammy & Pappy. It was very unique to spend my first mother's day with Grammy.
Here we are .........2007

Ok I am going to tell on myself today. I have already shared this with several members of our life group so why not with blog world as well! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a very bubbly and sometimes airheaded personality. I once had someone tell me that I shouldn't take the blonde highlights out of my hair because they suited me....just saying!
A few months back, I decided that since we really didn't have a place to get good manure for the yard and back flower bed that I would use some dog poop. Why didn't I think of this before? Gosh years have been wasted and many,many piles of pooh. I put all of it in the bed while I was pooper scooping the one day. Ben came home & I proudly told him what I had accomplished. He paitently explained why dog poop is not like cow poop.
Let's just say I have learned my lesson & it all goes over the fence now!


Lauren said...

ahhh "me time" is so important and it's so sweet of you to sacrifice yours so that he can have his... a true blessing!! :)

Foursons said...

Well gosh, I don't know the difference either!

Mr. Daddy said...

I would hate to have to be the one on weed patrol in that garden...

Just saying....LOL

Rachel said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!

And I am cracking up about the "manure" part! (We have 3 horses here, come over and take what you want!) :)

Thanks for linking up - have a great week!

Katie said...

I love that my hubby's idea of free time is working in the yard or building something. I do encourage him to go have coffee with his guy friends which he does and is always the better for it.

Kate said...

I can only imagine how hard it would be to give your man free time with the life ya'll are living. You are a Super Mom in my book and my prayers are with you as you try to do something that may seem easy for others. Good Luck!

HeatherOz said...

Hahaha! It really is a cryin' shame that you can't use dog poop for anything useful!

2003beachbunch said...

Thanks y'all :-) I'm here all day every day with some of my "Jamie" moments!

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