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"In everything you do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success."
Proverbs 3:6

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

Given that we live in a city that has so many thousands of service members and our very own Marine, we take Memorial day very seriously.
It is a day to remember those that we have lost and have given our country their last full measure of devotion.
It is hard to imagine being in the families shoes that are left behind so I just want to say a simple, heartfelt
And that we are so very grateful for your loved ones service.

Just a little side note....Kymber is wearing the outfit that her big sissy, Kendall, wore to meet Daddy for the first time.
These military kiddos know and learn first hand what a huge sacrifice what being in the military family means.

Baby of mine ballet recital: round 1

Kendall had her first large recital this past weekend.
It was animal themed. Her teacher thinks out of the box and chose "baby mine" from Dumbo.
The girls all did great. Kendall even smiled this time unlike the mini recital at Christmas time!
They had a father/daughter dance at the end which was pretty cute. We were fortunate to have Ben home this year so they could do it.
I am hoping to get the video and still shots downloaded soon.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 weeks

Our sweet girl is growing like a weed. She has a new nickname, which is "meatball." She grins every time Ben says it.
The kiddos continue to want to be big helpers with Miss Kymber which is most of the time a blessing.
Each day I am reminded of one of the older kiddos with how she looks. We are leaning toward her looking more like Isaac though.
Her eyes are still blue (praying they stay that way just like daddy.)
Colic is only mildly better so we will probably take her to see the chiropractor that is pediatric certified.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mish, mash

Jordan update:
Our sweet pound pup has had 2 seizures since we had Kymber. Of course she might have had more that we are not aware of.
Her lab results have come back that she has pancreatitis. The vet said that could be the cause of her seizures. We are to clean up Jordan's diet to clear up the pancreatitis. If that stops the seizures, then we have our answer. If not, our vet believes that she has idiopathic epilepsy which will need medicated.
Thanks to everyone who has been checking on her!

Kymber is 9 weeks old today!
It's funny to me that weeks don't match up to months but I know that is because some months have 5 weeks in them :)
Poor girl is still congested, struggling with colic, and irritable from her 3 shots & 1 oral vaccination from yesterday.
I know better days are ahead for our sweetie but the middle of it is wearisome.
She is a big smiler and recognizes her immediate family.
Oh and she's walking already! Just kidding....Ben likes to give her a workout!
Her stats are
Height 22.5 in (75%)
Weight 12 lbs 3 oz (78%)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Catching up is hard to do.....

When you have 3 young children!
Ok, here is the iphone pictures from the last 2 weeks for those that do not have facebook!

Jordan has been very active and enjoying it.
She however is still very clingy & doesn't have much of an appetite with Geronimo gone.
She had her 2nd (that we know of) seizure since March so we took her to the vet last week. We are awaiting bloodwork to see what is going on with our sweet pound pup.

My iphone is dangerous sometimes....
Since I have been logging MANY quality hours kith Kymber, I have had time to play on the internet with the phone.
In the process of "playtime," I won this new embroidery machine on Ebay. It can embroider without being hooked to the computer so I will be able to take it to craft fairs with me
I got it for $700 less than retail!
Now if I had time/energy to use it!
My sweet girls!
Visiting with Auntie Lou!
Messing around at the playground
Sweet sentences from Kendall!
#1. I like my mom because she takes me to resturant.
#2. I like my mom because she......
#3. I have the best mom.
#4. My mom bakes the best supper.
(There was a back to this too!)
Before Kymber's dedication, also the same outfit that Kendall wore for her dedication!
Super man piggy?
Snuggles while daddy and Kendall play the Wii!
Parents Day at Kendall's classroom
What happens when daddy does your hair.
Date night...
We saw "The lucky one" then tried to eat supper.
A colicky baby sent us home!
The kids found another turtle
His/her name is Phyllis!
Love this picture!
My Aggie boys!
Lunch at Kendall's school!
Sorry these are all out of order....I haven't figured out how to rearrange them from the phone!
More to come....when I get to it :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

2 months old

Kymber is 2 months old today! It feels like she has been here so much longer than that.
She is pretty congested so we have spent the day alternating a steamy bathroom, the vaporizer, the cooler air outside, and some nasal saline spray.
Tomorrow is her doctors appointment so I will have to post her new stats later!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's day 2012: volume 1

What a great mother's day! My first as a mommy of 3!
Ben started out the morning by making my favorites....turkey bacon and pancakes (with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips!)
I had many cards and drawings as well as a movie, a blue ray player, a customizable cover for my iPhone, and most importantly a really cool plaster of the kids feet.
Love that my husband is so crafty on his own!
We went for a walk on the beach as well. (those pictures to follow in volume 2!)
The only bad part of the day was the nearly 5 hours of colic screaming that Kymber did that night!
It was fun to be able to call and wish my mom & mother-in-law a happy day too. I was thinking of calling my grandmas too but unfortunately I ran out of time!
So very grateful for the 3 kiddos that made me a mommy, for the Mamoo that raised me, a great mom in law, and of course my grandmas!
Hope y'all had a blessed day too!!
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