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Monday, January 30, 2012

All about Isaac....

I finally did it....I dumped all the pictures from my iphone onto the computer! So here I am catching y'all up on what Isaac has been up to in the past few months....
He likes to use our old phones to call us and send us messages.

He loves on our animals the most out of anyone (besides me!) in the family!

He is over the moon for Toy Story!

He loves the edible crafts from school!

He is the perfect mix of rough & tumble plus sweetness

He has an adorable smile!

He has this thing with his toungue....

He's really into firemen....we read about them just about everyday. He even said that is what he wants to be when he grows up!

He is still a big snuggler even if he sometimes tells me...
"That enough kisses mama!"

Pure sweet boy!

Loves daddy's hats

Oh yeah he is into robots too....
Sits well through 3D movies!

Lovin' on Geronimo

I think I need to hide his robot shirt for awhile......

Daddy has been working to gain more qualifications for his job.
He has been taking over rough housing with Isaac since mama just can't these days!!

They also like to draw spaceships together

Daddy likes to be silly too!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales || Spoken Word

I had to share this. So very powerful and I plan on saving it (if you tube and the internet survives this government) this for the kids to see when they are old enough!
It is so very worth watching even for the seasoned married couples!!

NC Christmas Memories (2011)

Hello family and friends!
Oh yes, I am being a blog slacker again! I am so sorry. It seems like I cannot get caught up for the life of me but then again I have been crazy busy with life!
I am trying to post once a day until I have all the pictures and videos caught up. (And praying that will occur before Miss Kymber makes her grand appearance!)
Today, I am going to share a few of the shots of our family celebrating Christmas here in NC.
The kiddos before we opened our gifts to one another!

Sweet Kendall Bug and her new tutu

One of the very few shots I have of him looking at the camera!

Geronimo seems to think that his place is climbing on top of me so that he can rest his head on sweet baby Kymber

Jordan is ready to play with their new Christmas toys!

You mean there are more presents in our stockings?!

Sweet Jordan
10 years old

The tunnel/tents were the kiddos favorite gift from us this year.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

My new favorite Isaac song!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 Memories: Part 1

We traveled to Pennsylvania to see my family this Christmas. Our normal schedule!
It was a very relaxing time. We only got to see family but I think we all needed to rest instead of running around.
Here are a few of the best shots that I got.....
Sweet Kendall bug on Christmas Eve
5 years and 6 months old
Crazy Isaac on Christmas morning
3 years and 4 months old

the family until Kymber gets here

smooshing Ben with my preggo self!

Comparing bellies with my dad

Finally getting better with Santa!

A hug for Santa?! I almost passed out!

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