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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I started this blog because I wanted an easy way to keep our gigantic family and friend base apprised on what was happening with us without having to send out emails all the time. It has done well & I know that lots of you check in every day to see the pictures and updates. I am so glad that it has been successful for that.
Then it became a way to creatively express myself and journal. (I also think of it as a keepsake that hopefully Kendall and Isaac will be able to look back on and laugh about.) I love scripture, quotes, pictures, and other creative things if you couldn't tell by my 2 end columns.
After I got comfortable with these two, I started branching out & enjoying other friends blogs plus finding some new friends. I know that it is a hard concept to think of someone as a friend whom you have never met or spoken to but it becomes that way as you read & learn about their lives.
I have not been following MckMama very long but it doesn't take too long to fall in love with her beautiful family. They have been going through a very trying time with their son, Stellan. We (Kendall and I) have been praying for him every night.
Last night, not 5 minutes after I posted the blog about Kendall, she threw up again all over our new futon & the spare bathroom. Anyway, I bathed her then took her to her bedroom to complete our nightly ritual. We started doing our prayers.....of which I had planned on shortening to get her some much needed rest. I heard her sweet little voice say, "mom we pray for baby stellan heart." Not sure if it was our long day, her thinking of someone else's needs when clearly she was super sick herself, or what but I had a good long cry about it. So we of course prayed for baby Stellan.
I came over here this morning to check out blog land and found out that the news did a report on MckMama and her family. Here is the link for that......

Thousands follow journey of Mound infant's battle Thousands of people around the world are saying prayers for an infant from Mound fighting a potentially deadly heart condition... Full Article
For all the latest News, visit

Have a blessed day.


Lindsay said...

Jamie, I am completely there with you on that story. I have been following her for a while and quickly fell in love with her family and have been keeping updated on their situation. I am proud of little Kendall being such a giver. She is going to grow up to be one fine young lady. And, it's okay to have a cry every now and then. I do it too sometimes, usually behind closed doors.

Stacey said...

Jamie, I too follow her blog. What a family. You just want to embrace them. I have been getting a little emotional too as I read her blog (a little bit of a blog stalker) and can't help but be extremely grateful for what I have. I feel for this family. I have kept them in my thoughts and prayers since Stellan was first diagnosed in the womb. Kendall sounds like an amazing little girl. God bless her for being so thoughtful. I hope she feels better soon.

2003beachbunch said...

Thanks for the sweet comments about does a mom's heart good.
Bummed at the recent update on Stellan.
Stacey...can you send me your blog site again? We got a new computer & I didn't think about my favorites from that computer not transfering to this one! Thanks :-)

Jim/Pawpaw said...

Hi Jamie, Kendall, and Isaac!
Just wanted to let ya know I love ya! Tried to send you pictures of Ben's brief layover. Not sure how to get it on the blog to ya so will try another route. Hope all of you are starting to feel better and will be praying for you every morning. Will be calling soon. Love you all,
Jim (alias: PAWPAW)

2003beachbunch said...

Thanks Jim!
Kendall is well on the mend & it is a great joy to hear her laugh again. I didn't get the pictures thru email unfortunately. I will have to touch base with you and see what we can do :-) Hope you are having a great night.
Love you

Stacey said...

I sent you a new invite. Let me know if you don't get it. It's great to see that Stellan has been staying out of SVT but sad that he has RSV. The twists and turns of life. I hope Kendall is feeling better.

Aunt Diane said...

Hi Jamie,
You've had quite a few days since I last checked your blog! I'm hoping and praying that Kendall is on the mend and not throwing up anymore. You are showing amazing faith and strength while Ben is away. Hope your weekend is better!
love, Aunt Diane

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