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Monday, May 17, 2010

Blowing off some steam

As my day is coming to an end (PRAISE GOD,) I am relaxing at the computer & just playing. I am still angry & upset so I just thought that I would try to write it out and get it off of my chest. (I hope since I have talked about it & it is still weighing on me.)
So the day actually started off pretty good, the kids behaved & were helpful. We got to school on time, I got tickets for Seasme Street Live at the time I wanted, I had a good idea of something for my sister-in-law's birthday, I visited with some of my friends, you get the picture.
Then in one hour long visit with the pediatrician, my day went to crap. Isaac NEVER had an eye infection. So I have been fighting with him for 4 days, 3 times a day with eye drops that he didn't need. He does however have ANOTHER double ear infection. (I brought this to the other phyisican's attention on Friday that the only sign that he exhibits of his ear infection is crusty eyes......) More antibotics and probably tubes for him.
Kendall did have a bladder infection. They are trying to be proactive and stay ahead of the game so she needs to be tested for urinary reflux. (They are making sure that she doesn't have this because it is very harmful for your kidneys.) She will have to undergo a bladder ultrasound which shouldn't be bad since it is not invasive. However, she also has to have a test called VCUG. This will require her to be catherized so they can insert dye into her bladder. Everytime I think of her having to go through this my stomach does flip flops. My saving grace is that Ben will be home in time for that! It is on Friday, May 28th, so if you can please pray for us I would appreciate it.
Ben is coming home soon......however it will be in the wee hours of the morning & a little over an hour from home. I am thinking that I will have to get up about 1:30 or 2 in the morning then get the kids up. (I am not venting that he is coming home just the ridiculous hour that he is getting here!)
Oh yeah one more thing then I will end my snarky tirade. Someone (from US Airways) has stolen my credit card number from the flight I took in April. You cannot use any cash in the air now so I had to purchase a meal and a blanket (yep gotta pay for EVERYTHING now!) Those charges came out in a timely manner but now I have 3 additional charges almost a month later. ARRRGGGHHH.......
Ok, I am going to go pray about all of this & I hope wake up tomorrow morning in a better state of mind! Thanks for listening (or rather reading. Hopefully, I haven't chased you away!) to be rant and rave!


Andrea said...

Praying for you, sweetie. Hope things look brighter in the morning. I will continue to pray.

HeatherOz said...

I'm glad you had somewhere you could vent all of your frustrations! What a nightmare to have to use eyedrops that were unnecessary! My baby doesn't get the usual symptoms when she has an ear infection either! It makes me crazy when I take her in for a well visit and they say "oh yeah, she has an ear infection." Total shock!
Hang in there! I will be praying for you!

Beth said...

thanks for coming by! it's always great to meet another marine wife :) i love your sweet blog - your kids are just adorable!

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