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Friday, April 30, 2010

Show us your life (How you picked your children's names)

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Today at Kelly's Korner is another Show us your life. Today's topic is how you picked your children's names. Ok,ok I am a WEEK ahead of where I need to be. I checked this yesterday, misread the date, & went ahead to write this post and schedule it to post....Today is actually Money Saving Tips! I am going to leave mine since I did so much work on it :-)
With our first pregnancy, we had a boys name picked out right away & were struggling with girls names. It was important that we had it picked out because my husband was leaving for his second deployment to Iraq & we wanted to have them all ironed out so we didn't have to figure it out "long distance."
I had a dream that I was standing on a porch calling for "Kendall." I told Ben about the dream & we both agreed that we loved the name. Her middle name Autumn is up for debate why we picked it......
I thought that we had picked it because it was pretty & that is when we first fell in love. My husband remembers it somewhat differently!
Kendall Autumn will be 4 this June. Her first name means "ruler of the valley" and she fits that description to a T!
With our second pregnancy, we had scrapped the first boys name because too many people had used it & the jury was so way out on a girls name!
We knew that the middle name was going to be Carter in honor of Ben's late grandpa Beach. (That was also the middle name from the first pregnancy too!)
We battled for quite awhile before Ben suggested Isaac. I was not a fan at first. (I think that I kept thinking that people would call him Ike which I really can't stand!) It wasn't until I read up on the meaning of the name when I really started to fall in love with it.
Isaac Carter will be 2 this September. His name means "he will laugh" and man if that kiddo doesn't love to ham it up & giggle to his hearts content.
Hopefully, he will live up to his Great-grandpa Beach and to ALL his other (2nd generation) male cousins. (They all share the name Carter in some form or another.)


HeatherOz said...

Well, now you're all ready to link up with Kelly next week. Kick back!
I LOVED picking out our kids names. Actually, we only had to figure out boy names cuz the girl names were already decided (by me) before we even got married!

Lindsay said...

Glad you went ahead and did that post. What nice stories about how you picked their names. They are great names and seem to fit them perfectly.

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