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Friday, April 23, 2010

Show us your life (How you met your husband)

Today at Kelly's Korner is another addition of "Show us your life." Today's topic how you met your husband. Now this is a favorite topic of mine so I decided to join in!
Ben and I met in Pensacola, Florida. My life was in a big upheaval when I met him. I was determined to make MAJOR changes and not repeat past mistakes. That being said, I was not looking for a relationship at the time.
I could tell from the start that there was something different about Ben but I chose to ignore what God was trying to show me & push through on my own "plans." When I finally "let go and Let God" take over......WOW!
Ben and I met at concert in the park. I was still in a relationship & Ben was interested in one of my friends. We ran into each other a couple of times over the next few months. Enough so that I was comfortable one night to ask him to pretend to be my boyfriend to get someone to leave me alone.
He said, "why don't you just tell him about your BF?"
"Because I don't have one!" I said.
Later that night, he found me again and asked me to come out with them on the boat the next day.......and well the rest is history.
Ok, ok you didn't really think that I would leave it like that did you?
We spent A LOT of time together and HOURS each night talking on the phone. (Even though Ben should have been studying at the time!) I decided (and by I, I mean that God finally smacked me up side the head to show me what a wonderful man I was dating) to stay with him instead of moving as I had planned.
We were married 5 months after we started dating and a bare 8 months after we met. Our parents have short dating histories too. (I think that it is in the genes!)
Here we are over 6 years of marriage later.....
Many happy moments, some sad, some insane, and of course Many bumps, twists, and turns in the road BUT we are working it together, enjoy each other, and most importantly still love one another!
All of these pictures are from the time when we were dating. Hope you enjoy!
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shopannies said...

what a great story thanks for sharing it

Andrea said...

Awesome story!
Blessings, andrea

Cassie said...

What a great story! I love the pictures.

Alicia said...

I love reading stories like this!! Isn't funny how our plans are never like how we plan them?

Natalie A. said...

Fun pictures! That is a great story and it's wonderful that you found each other!

Kim said...

Great storie. You both are so photogenic. I especially love the first picture!

HeatherOz said...

Wow! You are busy blogging on Fridays! I just went through ALL of your Friday posts!
Great story of how you met your husband!

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