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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For my kids.....(The day I found out I was pregnant)

The day that I found out that I was pregnant with you was in late October. Just a few days shy of Halloween. Daddy had just returned from his first tour of duty in Iraq in September so I know that it was so silly to be excited this early.
Daddy and I were getting ready for work when Mommy decided to take the test. Mommy was so excited that she forget to take the lid off of the test & didn't get any pee on the stick! (Mommy really is a nurse don't worry!)
Daddy made me promise that I wouldn't take another test (at work) until we were home together so he could be the first to know. I knew that I couldn't keep that promise so I drank a glass of milk & a sprite.
I was finally able to go to the bathroom & took the test! It turned positive almost instantly! I was so excited that I busted in on Daddy in the bathroom! At first I couldn't say anything, your daddy just looked at me like I was crazy! (Of course he was trying to do his thing in the bathroom so.....) I screamed, "We're pregnant!" We were both so excited, hugged, then daddy made me leave the bathroom!
Oh my son.....we tried for awhile before we got to have a happy, positive pregnancy stick dance! Mommy took a test in late January (much to daddy's dismay because we had been disappointed a few times and I am pretty sure that he was worried we were going to have to take stock in pregnancy tests....)
Daddy had got home from his 3rd tour of Iraq in September 2007. We started trying right away but quite a few months went by compared to sissy. God saw fit to give us the best Christmas present of all....You! We just had to wait a little bit to get the proof of it!
That day in January, I snuck out of bed into our bathroom. I didn't want daddy to know that I was taking the test! Just in case my mommy's intuition was wrong.
It was the sweetest way to wake your daddy up. A hug and a kiss and a "Hey are you ready for another baby?!"
It was a Sunday so of course Mommy had such an emotional roller coaster of emotions at church. We prayed for you to be healthy and for your sissy to love you as much as what we did!
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Emmy said...

How fun! It is always so exciting finding out.
that is pretty funny that you peed on the lid :)

HeatherOz said...

What fun stories! Those were always such exciting days for me too!

2003beachbunch said...

I know peeing on the stick is highly complicated....hee,hee

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