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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Tuesday, Tuesday......

Hey all! It's time for those special ways that you show your husband love. So while he is off at his prayer/accountability group on our last day of Memorial Day weekend leave, I decided to bang these posts out. (That way I can love on him some more later!)
This week has been difficult for me. It is always hard when my husband comes home from deployment, training, detachment, etc to leave him alone. The kids and I tend to be all over him & not want him to go anywhere. (Understandable because we missed him but annoying I am sure for him.)
I have been trying to let him go as much as feasible to train for his upcoming advenutre race. He even drove over an hour to meet his partner in crime so that they could canoe together. (It is part of the race.) He had been able to run and try to work on the mountain bike as well. (Although the bike is probably not very pleasurable for him since it is not functional for him right now.)
Yesterday, he also went golfing with some of our friends from life group.
So it didn't kill me. It doesn't mean that I didn't miss him but......
We also went on a date night on Friday! Now for some that might not be too exciting but our last one here in North Carolina was in January when his parents were here. I think that we are going to try to make it a monthly thing.
The final thing from this week was last night. I made a huge dinner to honor Memorial Day and to celebrate Ben coming home safe again. (We are so grateful for 3 safe homecoming from Iraq and 5 or6 yep I have lost count homecomings from detachments.) Even though it is greatly labor intensive, I made round steak & gravy with potatoes, carrots, & edamames. It was so worth it to see my hubby (and the kids too!) dig into all that yummy food!
Well that's it for this week.....for more tips visit Lauren at
I am going to have to tell on my Kendall bug again. There is not a day that goes by that she says something that makes me go HUH?!? or Did she really say that? or That is something that I am only going to tell the girls and not anyone else about!
Sunday, I was in the bathtub getting ready for a Memorial Day picnic. Kendall was in the bathroom with me (which happens a lot....why they like to hang out in there with me....) We chatted about a wide variety of topics. I was at the end of getting ready (rinsing the conditioner out of my hair.) I hear her sweet little voice saying something but the water is on so I can't really make out what it is.....I stop the water and say
What baby?
She says, "Mommy, you look the most adorable ever right now!"
I laughed. What else can you say to an adorable nearly 4 year old telling you how adorable you look while you are naked in the bathtub?!


Amy said...

I'm over here from Lauren's blog. What a sweet video tribute to your husband & your life in the Marines! I really appreciate what he & his fellow servicemen have done for our freedom! What an honor to be married to a hero!

Foursons said...

Out of the mouths of babes. What a sweetheart Kendall is.

Tiffany said...

Aww...that is so sweet! And tell your hubby thanks for serving, from all of us!

HeatherOz said...

Aw, you are such a good wife! I bet it's hard to let him out of your sight!
Kendall is so funny! I just love the things kids say. When Lily was about 3 she told me I was the best friend she ever had. hee hee

Rachel said...

Now THAT was adorable! How sweet of her!

I just love it when kids say affectionate things at the most unusual times, ha ha.

(My son tries to get out of finishing dinner by suddenly complimenting me on my "so sweet fingers"! :)

Thanks for linking up - I always get a kick out of your girls!

Rachel said...

Ugh - "I always get a kick out of your GIRL!" ha ha... is there something you haven't told us yet? sorry... fumble fingered!

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