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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I missed last week so I have been saving up a lot of stuff!
I have been trying to make sure to remember to tell my hubby little things that I really like/love about him.
For example, last night we were watching "The Bachlorette" (yeah I suckered him into it!) We were talking about one of the guy's voices. I can't stand it but my hubby wouldn't criticize it because he doesn't like his own voice. I told him I really love his big ol' very DEEP voice. Hopefully, it boosted his day!
Embracing their "Manly" activities
We definitely have different ideas of what a "family vacation" is to be. We made a trip this past weekend to Highlands, NC, which was extremely beautiful. There were so many activities that I wanted to do there but the trip was mainly dedicated to his adventure race. I had a great time even though it was not my definition of a family vacation & he had a wonderful time racing and doing his "manly" stuff with his friend Aaron.
I had some more stored up but due to screaming children I am going to leave you with this today! Looking forward to seeing what y'all wrote!
My daughter, Kendall, has a way of saying whatever is on her mind. Honesty is very refreshing (for the most part) and I am glad that she feels free to speak her mind. It also creates very funny situations and conversations too!
I am thinking of two from the past week.
#1. Friday night, my husband and his friend were making sure their gear was ready for their adventure race. They had put their climbing harnesses on which......AHEM become snug around the groin. Kendall looked at Aaron and said, "Mr. Aaron, your front butt is sticking out." After my husband explained what a front butt was to Aaron we had a good laugh!
#2. Kendall very sweetly asked me why God gave us so many beautiful things and why he had created us. I explained to her why God had done this for us. She then asked "why is he so high in the sky & WHERE is his BEANSTALK so he can climb down here?"
Top Two Guilty Pleasures
1. Taking a nap while the kids are down. Some days I just cannot go anymore. I think that this is a guilty pleasure because Ben can't take one at work & I definitely should be doing house chores!
2. Eating some of my kids candy on any given holiday that they receive it. They don't need all of that sugar anyway!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Welcome Back! Kendall is a cutie pie and I love her point of view! :)

Mr. Daddy said...

aren't kids a joy in that stage????LOL

Itty bit and I were in the bank the other day and a lady came in behind us, he got all wierded out and tried to hide behind me and kept saying a monster was behind us....

I had to explain that she wasn't a monster just a little ghoulish. LOL

fun times...

Rachel said...

OH MY GOSH... I am dying about the "front butt"... dear Lord - you just KNOW my husband is gonna teach that one to Itty Bit now. *sigh*

But(t) I'm still laughing!

And cracking up about the beanstalk! I love it!

HeatherOz said...

Aw, Kendall is SO funny!
I usually try to take at least a 30 minute nap while Daisy is napping but since the kids are out of school I haven't been able to. :(
I am going to bed RIGHT NOW!

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