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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Captivate your husband (Completing him challenge)

Captivate Your Husband

Proverbs 5:18b&19 tells husbands "May you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer - may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love."

The Webster definition of captivate is: to capture the attention or affection of, as by beauty and excellence; fascinate; charm

Do you remember when your husband was first captivated by you? He saw you as beautiful and excellent. You fascinated him. Your eyes twinkled, you smiled with each thought of him, you bonded over long conversations of who you both were and dreamed to be.

Do you remember the butterflies when he was around, how it felt for his hand to hold yours, how your mind soared when you dreamed of taking his name as your last name. And then when the diamond wrapped around your finger you sat and stared at the reality that indeed you were about to become the wife of the man you were head over heels in love with!

Remembering does wonders for our soul to remind us of how fabulous our men truly are! We are the wife of our husband's youth and God tells our husband - be satisfied and captivated by her love!

But I wonder, are you still captivating or has pleasing, pursuing, touching, loving, listening and feeding you relationship been lost somewhere in the busy shuffle of life?

It's Week #1 of the Completing Him Challenge. If you are a blogger - share your dating pictures and story (save the wedding ones for next week!).

Consider: How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis cultivating your marriage now? In what ways can you regain some of what has been lost in the daily shuffle of life?

Purpose this week to do something that reminds your husband of the youthful wife you once were - maybe it's wearing something you know he loves on you (remember we dressed to please back in those dating days!), go somewhere you both used to enjoy going together - alone!, look at photos together of the "good ol'days", watch a favorite movie, or just simply sit together talking, listening, dreaming, holding hands, rubbing his back, and simply paying attention to the amazing husband of your youth! Treasure him this week!
Week 1 (Dating pictures)
To join in the Completing Him Challenge please visit

Ben and I have a VERY short dating history. We met in May of 2003 and started dating August of 2003. We were then married December of 2003.

When we started dating, I have to admit I wasn't really looking for anything long term. I had just gotten out of a crazy & messy relationship. Ben was going to be transfered & he was a marine. (I was not very fond of service members at that point.) But Ben was SUPER attractive and fun to hang out with SO who knew that God had lead me to my future husband?

It was with the help of 3 great friends that I saw Ben's and our relationship's potential. (That and a few hard shoves from God to this strong-willed woman.)

I finally started to see Ben's real feelings and intentions in October 2003, when we traveled to a reunion at Texas A&M.

(He said our first "I love you" under the cenutry tree.)

Our first Marine Corps Ball together November 2003

Ben's winging December 2003
(About a week before he proposed!)

This was after we had eloped but before our big ceremony so I am considering it "dating!"
San Diego, CA
I know that wedding pictures are next week but I had to throw this in there because it is one of my favorites!
Now go love on your husbands! I plan to when mine gets home!



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

your package is coming....just waiting on one more thing I had shipped from the boat....have nto forgotten you..


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You two are such a lovely couple! And I love your photo collage of the two of you. I still look at my hubby and think how amazing he is :o)...even after 28+ years of marriage :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
Love your story of under the century tree...

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