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"In everything you do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success."
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Back Home Monday

Marriage Mondays
is talking about "Work Spouses" this week.
What are you doing at home to help your husband at work? Many women deal with workplace pressures of their own, or they work from home and deal with challenges there, but let's talk about how to be "his woman at work." How are we helping our husbands succeed in work:



Being informed, interested, & involved are keys to giving our husbands the encouragement, freedom, and help they need to meet their potential as godly men in their work.
I often ask Ben what happened at work, what he thought about it, how he helped to solve it, etc. I ask him to explain things that I don't understand and try to chime in if I think that I understand. I may not always be right but it has helped to further communication between us.
Professionally ~ When a wife takes time to understand WHAT her husband does and how he is challenged, it shows she respects and admires him. It shows him his efforts are appreciated. As that happens, his bond and commitment to his admiring wife are strengthened.
I give my hubs mad props because I couldn't do what he does everyday. For one I don't take orders well and I am pretty certain that the military would boot me out! I respect what he wants and tries to do to help his young marines. I also know that he has to be stron because it would be a tough job to walk away from the family even for training.
Socially ~ The quality of our work is better when we have co-workers we enjoy and feel comfortable with. It's not a sin for men to develop friendships and good working relationships at their employment; in fact, it's part of their job. It's also part of a good testimony. I always say that the women who work closely with my husband aren't "allowed" to be his friend, unless they're my friend, too. :) It's a package deal. Him AND me or no him at all. That doesn't mean I spend 40 hours a week in the office, but it means I know their names, I care about their lives, I pray for them, I take a meal to them when needed, I pick out gifts given from the TWO of us, and when I stop in I see them as well as my hubby. If there's a work function to attend, we're there together. You may not get a paycheck from the same account, but you can still be his "career companion." That safeguard gives him the freedom to have good relationships with co-workers.
It is hard to remember all of those in the squadron, but I think that this is a great idea to implement!
Spiritually ~ A wife can encourage a husband's spiritual thinking about his work by asking how she can pray for him in his professional tasks, sharing scripture she reads that applies to his challenges, and seeing his work as part of his service to God in leading his home. No matter where he spends his work day/night, we want him to look forward to coming home to US! Do you pray for the success of his business, his boss, his co-workers, his decisions? He needs to hear your appreciation for him serving through working; when was the last time your husband heard you pray a prayer of thanks for his job and his hard work?
I am still struggling with this....I do pray every day for him and his work but not with him. I am still a recovering Lutheran who didn't learn to pray out loud with anyone.
Pick one of these steps to take:
1.Ask your hubby today about what he's working on, and then listen ...

2.If you can, plan to stop by his work this week for/with lunch (see what day is good 4 him)

3.Call/text him during the day to tell him you're thinking of him

4.Say YOU would like to pray before a meal, and pray for him, his work, his boss, his co-workers

Friend Making Monday (Back to the basics)
For more check out Kenz at
All about me
First and foremost I am a child of God.
I love to laugh.
It tickles me to be creative. (Photography, sewing, scrapbooking, making cards, or any craft.)
I only work out because I know that I need to be healthy not really because I enjoy it!
I think that my family and friends are the best!


Sarah @MainLineMoms said...

Love that first photo of your daughter. Beautiful!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

It sounds like your husband is blessed to have you be interested and admiring of his work. I admire your support and sacrifice for the work he does! Keep on being that "work wife" he needs you to be. It's obvious he knows you love and support him.

~ Julie

Kim said...

Great pictures of the kids. Isaac is looking especially grown up, wow!

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