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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Physical therapy, braces, and such....

Ok, ok so I guess I haven't really posted much on what has been going on with my braces and physical therapy. Sorry I kind of get sucked into stuff then I forget that I haven't explained all that was going on.
I got my top braces put on my teeth the last week of July. My top teeth were not horrible but needed a few minor tweaks plus they needed to move a bit to create the correct arch for my bottom teeth. I hurt really bad the first two days after they were on but after that it wasn't bad. I have been going every 2 weeks for adjustments. I have had my bottom braces on for 10 days. I can already see a HUGE difference in my bottom teeth. I am very thrilled because the girl that does all of my adjustments seems to think that I will have to have them on less than a year! I go back on Monday to get another adjustment. I think that by far getting the bottom ones on was the worse. I had some really bad mouth sores even with the wax. Plus I have had to be super careful because my upper teeth are where they need to be but not the bottom so my bite is off a bit. (Thus I have been biting my mouth quite a bit.)
Overall, I am super pleased with our decision to get this done! I have opted to get the permanent retainers put in like Ben has so I never have to worry about it again! Since your teeth have a memory and like to go back to their old positions!
Physical Therapy
Let's see I guess we can start off with the ortho doc. I went because of my constant knee pain and the fact that the MRI showed a tear in my ACL. He wanted to be conservative (which was fine with me) in my treatment. I had a steroid shot (that I pray to God I never have to repeat again) and a referal to PT. I went to my friend Leanne's practice. She did a through history and exam. She concluded that from my falls down the stairs when I was pregnant with Isaac that I had an upslip. Basically my right hip/pelvis slid upwards into my back creating the problems with all of the muscles. This affects your gait and that was what was causing my knee pain. (My knee was taking all of the shock of running, jumping etc.) She has been adjusting me steadily each week & I haven't had any knee pain! Crazy to think that your back/hip/pelvis can create knee problems right?! I have been going 3 times a week which has created for a crazy schedule and lots of time with the babysitter for the kids. I have my last 2 treatments this week unless Leanne decides that I need more. I have been running intervals on the treadmill for 10 minutes each session without pain!
Anyway, that's the lowdown of those two aspects of my life!

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