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Thursday, August 21, 2008

OB update

Some words and images may not be for everyone!
I went for the first time to the Henderson Naval Clinic yesterday. (They have put all of the midwives out in town due to the busy nature of the OB clinic on base. We will still deliver aboard Camp Lejeune)I must say that my experience there was great. It has been no secret that I haven't been happy with the care this time around but I had a mid-wife that was very informative and most of all listened to me.
Let's see.....I had a Group Beta strep test done (those of you that have recently been preggers know how fun those are!!) and a urine culture. Due to the fact that I had to have the strep test, the midwife didn't want to do a pelvic exam so I am not sure if I have progressed any in that area. She wants me to stay on 2 more solid days of bedrest (today and tomorrow) then I may go back to my normal activities & if Isaac decides to make his grand appearance then it is all right. She also gave me some exercises (not to be completed until off bed rest) to help with the back pain and contractions.
I think that my mood was much improved knowing that the end of bed rest is in sight and that the chances of Isaac being healthy are pretty good. She estimated that right now he is a shade over 6 pounds. (Seeing that we have 4 weeks until my due date I hope that I go early because I don't want him to be huge!!) His heart rate was at 140 bpm and he is still bucking at anyone poking and prodding him.
So glad that we had an answer to a lot of prayers yesterday!
Kendall has been such a good girl esp. since we haven't been able to be active like usual. Yesterday, she enjoyed being at Kidz Bizz while I was at my MD appt and then she had a blast helping Ben shuck some corn. I can't believe that we are at an age that she likes corn on the cob and can eat it by herself! Ben has continued to be a big help & so has the shop that he is in right now. They have been super flexible and helpful!

To Grammy and Pappy yesterday!
And to Uncle Dave and Aunt Anita today!

Aunt Diane.....Hope that everything is going well with the new college girl and that you guys are adjusting ok!!


Michelle said...

i am so glad all is well jamie!

2003beachbunch said...

Thanks Michelle :-) I am content with the fact that it is all out of my hands now....all I can do is pray that the delivery goes smoothly this time!

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