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Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's going on.....


Currently we are watching game 5 of the Pens vs. Flyers series. C'mon PENS!! Congrats to the Stars on their last 2 wins...keeping their series and thus Ben's hope of a Pens vs. Stars series alive. War at the Beach household again :-)

Anyway, onward to the past few days......

Friday, we picked up medication from our vet for Momo's ears. Turns out the very expensive ear culture was positive for a yeast infection. The poor boy! No wonder he cries when we are cleaning his ears out. Now we are on meds twice a day & ear cleaning twice a day. I will be glad when we get all of this cleared up.

I went for my OB appointment on Friday as well. I waited for 30 inutes to find out that the MD was called for emergency surgery so I had to be rescheduled for Monday morning. I wasn't super happy but what can you do?

Saturday, we started off the day with a family work-out. Ben jogged while pushing Kendall in stroller and I biked. I had to turn around about 20 minutes into it because the ride wasn't doing well with my back or belly. Oh well at least we tried!
Ben worked more on the yard (both with clean-up and the grass) Kendall and I worked on getting laundry done and our suitcase for PA packed!! Not that I am excited or anything :-)

I took a lesson on patience from my friend, Michelle, and we went to get Kendall's swingset for her bday. (I can't wait for things either Michelle! LOL) To make a long story short, I was worried that they were going to be sold out by the time that we got hers so we went to get it before they did. Ben is hoping to lure JT over for some help in June to put it up.

We went to get ice cream at Cold Stone after our swingset purchase. Of course coldstone is a treat in and of itself but there was a nice little girl there that shared one of her balloons with Kendall. She was of course thrilled & it left me very impressed with someone else's 3 year old! That was pretty neat :-)

Today was church and sunday school for us. Our Sunday school class has been discussing different religions and how we can relate to others that aren't christians. It has been very interesting but also confusing. I think that the next class that we will be doing is on marriage and relationships so I am excited about that too.


keith&michelle said...

you will have to take a picture of kendall's new swingset for me once you guys get it set up :) how exciting!

2003beachbunch said...

Will do! I am super pumped about being able to sit on the back porch, know she is safe, and let the doggers out all at the same time :-)

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