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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A string of bad luck.....

I guess one of us must have broken a mirror......just kidding, I am not really superstitious. It certainly seems like the past few days have most definately had us under a bad luck spell.
Our anniversary day started out pretty good....I got ready for work, Ben got Kendall ready, and made us some pancakes then everything else went downhill.
I wasn't feeling good so I ended up seeing the MD that day. Ben's truck wasn't really safe to drive so we ended up having to take it to the shop for some costly repairs. I had some horrible news about 3 of some of my more favorite patients at work. But the biggest thing was Geronimo. He ended up falling down our stairs, couldn't stand on any of his legs, and was whimpering and crying. We took him into the vet. I could tell that he was alarmed since he has seen Momo is some serious conditions before but never this bad.
Due to Geronimo's serious neurological defects, there were several blood tests ran (that all came back normal), and then a steriod shot that was given to hopefully reverse what was going on with him. The vet had mentioned several very scary conditions that might be causing it. Fortunately, Friday morning he was walking and starting to act a little more like himself. When we went back into the vet on Friday, he thought that Mo might have had a stroke or an allergic reaction. As of right now, it remains a medical doggie mystery.
We are hoping and praying that he continues to improve with the 5 different meds that he is on. Kendall also got sick on Friday. Another MD visit for the Beach bunch!
Oh yeah, instead of the pasta that I was craving from Olive Garden for our anniversary, we had Chick Fil A. (Both of us were so emotionally and physically drained we just couldn't deal with going anywhere!) Ben said that if "Wendy's" was good enough for one of our first dates then Chick Fil A would do for an anniversary. :-) Those of you that know our history well will get the joke about wendy's!
We are all on the mend now so I am extremely thankful for that! Please keep us in your prayers over the next few days until we are all out of the woods!


Mark and Melissa said...

What a day!!! Hopefully you guys are having a great weekend. I didn't know Geronimo was sick? Poor guy! Millie's only been really sick once - she had some GI upset and then had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics they gave her and that was stressful for me! This seems a "bit" more serious!

2003beachbunch said...

Yeah! I am glad that it is over :-)
We are hoping that Momo was just stung by an insect and that he had some allergic reaction to it. I would hate to think that he had a stroke esp since he is so young. We are just praying that he is going to be ok. I spent a good part of Thursday night sleeping on the floor beside him. Oh what we do for our kids!!

keith&michelle said...

poor momo - i really hope he is feeling better and kendall too! i will keep you all in my prayers. give kendall and momo a kiss for me :)

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