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Thursday, October 15, 2009

More questions answered

#1. Laura from asked What is your most embarrassing memory?? :) Oh my gosh....from which era of my life? Hee,hee. I have to say that it probably was during childbirth of my daughter. My husband was in Iraq so I decided that if he wasn't going to be there then I wanted everyone in there. (I just didn't quite realize I would have an extra visitor....) I had my mom (who drove 10+ hours and still got there in plenty of time) and 4 very close friends there. To make a long story short, things were not going very well so the midwife decided to put me in an interesting position pulling on a sheet that was tied to the end of my bed (to give me more leverage to push.) I heard an unfamiliar male voice asking for some other woman that I had never heard friends emphatically told him I was not the person he was looking for but he stood there for a long time looking at me....I was not pleased and SUPER embarrassed to have anyone see me like that!

#2. Kari from asked Have you or your husband ever been confronted with a US citizen that is rude over the fact that your husband serves in the military? Hmmm....yes and no. When we were in California, we had people try to give us anti-war protest junk even though you can readily tell that my husband and friends are in the military. I have also overheard local people complain about the military presence here in Jacksonville because we do "nothing but ruin the town and it's reputation." (Kind of laughable if you have ever been here or know anything about it!) I have had several close friends that have had more serious run-ins. I count my lucky blessings that has never happened to me because I would probably come unglued!
Kari also said.....
I've seen people do this when they see a man or woman in uniform and it sickens me. I was wondering if it has ever happened to you.Growing up my parents, especially my dad taught us to respect and honor those who serve our country. To this day I'll shake the hand of any person I come across in uniform and thank them for their service. If I see them eating in the same restaurant as me, we will pay their bill anonymously. My dad leaves premade business cards thanking our service men/women on people's windshields if they have any indication on their car (bumper stickers, plates, etc) that tie them or anyone in their family to the military. I sure hope you all are treated with respect.Thank-you for all you and your family do to show your appreciation! It is an awesome blessing when people give their thanks for my husband's service!


Cassie said...

I am glad that you have never been disrespected that way. I think military families deal with enough wothout having to put up with that too!

Kari @ p.s. said...

Thanks for answering my question. I am so grateful for our service men and women AND the spouses and kids.
And about your embarrassing moment - I know all those strange positions with midwives. Thank God nobody was with us for Scout's birth at the birthing center :o) Bella was born in a hospital with 4 onlookers. Not as embarrassing, but they still saw more of me then I really wanted them too :o)

Kim said...

Great answers. I could imagine anyone being disrectful to women and men in the military. I truly appricate your husband and others that serve our country.

LAURA said...

Oh my goooosh! That would be awful having some strange male in the delivery room! I didn't let anyone but my husband in. I didn't even have people come to the hospital to wait in the waiting room!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hmmm...yeah, I only had the hubby in with each of our 3... and with our first one, I was with my mom visiting a friend near our house (since I was feeling uncomfortable and didnt feel I could drive into town and sit still at bible study that night- I didnt know I was most likely having contractions- I convinced my hubby to go ahead to bible study without me. He was still at bible study, when my mom insisted we walk to the hospital to please have them just check (we lived on an Air Force base and so it was a quick walk right in the back of the housing area). My hubby barely made it to the hospital! haha

Thankfully, we have always had tremendous support while my hubby was active duty and even after his retirement.

Blessings & aloha!

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