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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some news from us....

I figured that it is about time that I put something more than pictures on here. The past 5 weeks have flown past. I can't believe that Isaac is over a month old already! So much has happened that when I think about it my head spins!

We had a fabulous visit with my friend, Laura, my parents, and Ben's mom. We made millions of memories along the way some of which are captured in the pictures that I posted.
Ben finally made it home on Thursday night from California where he was getting the air crafts for his new squadron. It was so wonderful to see Kendall jumping up and down on the porch and screaming my daddy, my daddy!

This brought us to our Columbus day weekend celebration. We got to take Ben to the museum in Richlands, pumpkin picking at Northwoods Methodist church, a few family walks, story time at Barnes and Noble, and of course church & Sunday school.

October and November are shaping up to be very busy months for our family. Let's see for this week.....tomorrow I am meeting some of my friends from the playground pals for breakfast, Wednesday will be a nursery ministry meeting for me along with a possible playdate in the morning, Thursday I will be walking with the mom's from playground pals, Friday is our fall group birthday party, then Saturday is Ben's last triathlon of the season & the fall festival at our church. I am sure that I will have pictures to post and more to say after the week ends.

Kendall had her school pictures last week so we will see how those turn out :-) We picked out her halloween costume today. She is going to be some kind of princess....I wasn't super thrilled about the choice but Ben didn't want her to be a pumpkin (yes she is fascinated with pumpkins!) Isaac is going to be a dalmation puppy. I think that Halloween will be interesting this year as Kendall is now afraid of witches and monsters.

I am working on Isaac's birth announcements and hope to have them out before Halloween! (Or at least before I have to do Christmas cards!)

Let's see what else....Ben's squadron had it's official activation on October 1st. His new information is HML/A 467 and they are called the Sabers. I am looking forward to my first wives coffee this month as well. It will be nice to meet new wives!
We will be welcoming our new pastor in November. The church voted and has accepted him. He looks pretty young but we are excited to meet him and see how it goes.
Guess I have prattled on long enough......

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