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Thursday, October 16, 2008

McDonald's Monopoly Madness...

Ok so here I am wanting a nap, Kendall's down for hers but Isaac needs to nurse soon so do I complete a wide variety of tasks that I have on my list? NOOOOOO.......I am taking time for myself and playing on the computer!
The past few days have been busy. Let me start with my title. Kendall and I have been a part of a wonderful playgroup for quite a few months. These ladies have kept me laughing, provided me with a fountain of information about my own community that I never knew, offered advice, and yes have kept me sane! Now they are leading me astray with this whole McDonald's Monopoly business. I went on Tuesday morning to just meet up for some great adult conversation and left with a game board and many new pieces with hopes of winning one of the many prizes offered. It was even suggested we make Tuesday our morning to meet for breakfast & exchange of pieces day. (Coincidentally....I am trying to fit into a ball gown and this is not going to help me out in that area!)
Yesterday, Kendall and I cleaned the house. She is a good helper and while she doesn't understand what cleaning is I am taking advantage of her helpfulness! Last night, I flew solo to church for the monthly meeting for the nursery committee that I belong to. Not only was it liberating to be free of all children, schedules, was great to be able to give back to our church as well.
Today, Isaac and I met up with some of the ladies from the playgroup to walk. (Which is much needed if you just read the paragraph about needing to fit in a ball dress and McDonald's!) We also made some preparations for our fall birthday party for our play group friends which is tomorrow afternoon. I then went to pick Kendall up from PMO to find her being chased by 3 boys. (The only 3 boys on the playground I might add.....Ben and I need to start praying now because our little girl is already boy crazy! She also made friends with a young boy named Gavin at our playground in our housing complex!)
Whew! That brings me to now where I am looking online to try and find someone crazy enough to watch Kendall and Isaac one day a week so I can go back to work in January! That's the show for now folks!


Turner Family said...

You might want to try You might be able to find a Nanny to stay with them.
I love Kendall's pigtails.
I so need to make it to the post office and mail the kid's stuff. Someday it will just appear and surprise you.

2003beachbunch said...

Thanks Andrea! I will try the sitters website. I am just so nervous about picking someone not only to take care of them but also to be in my home. I know that they have backgound checks on some of the websites but you just never know right? I am waiting for a friend from church that has some people as well!

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