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Sunday, September 21, 2008

An update of sorts....

We have been hanging steady here. Isaac is 2 weeks old today and it is so hard to believe that so much has happened in such a little time. Mom and Dad have been here for a week with one week left to go. Chris (Ben's mom) will be flying in on the 27th (concidentally the same day that Ben leaves for California).
Isaac has been really great minus not being able to sleep by himself at night. I.E. I have been cuddling him for the 3 hours in between feedings. NOT FUN!! We have some great suggestions on how to get around this and I think that I am going to work on him while Ben is gone to try and get him straightened out.
Dad and Ben have been busy on some household projects. Alot of you know that my gazebo covering bent and ripped on Mother's day weekend. I was super upset as I really liked how the back porch was with it. Ben salvaged the bottom half of the frame since nothing was wrong with it & they built a pergola out on the porch instead. I am super happy to have my nice relaxing spot back!
They also painted our living room. Ben and I have been wanting to do this for some time but just didn't have time to do it. It looks so much more finished & I will be excited once we replace the light fixture since that room will be completely done! We have to put pictures back up soon as well.
Mom has been putting Kendall through Grammy's Potty Boot Camp which I guess Chris will be keeping up with when she gets here. She has done pretty well so far peeing in the potty about 5 times and pooping once!
We went to Cherry Point yesterday to see Ben's new squadron. (It is official since he has finally checked into HML/A 467)It was really weird to be at a fixed wing base but nice to see where Ben will be working.
Other than that.....hmmmmm.....lots of football watching, mom cleaning, and general rest. We are hoping to get back to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to get Kendall on her normal schedule & I look forward to taking mom & dad to see my office on Tuesday since they haven't seen the new building yet.

Thanks again to all of our family and friends! It was such a pleasant surprise yesterday to be greeted with all of the packages on the front porch not to mention all the others that have been delivered over the past few weeks.


Michelle said...

Potty boot camp huh? Can your mom come visit me for a week too? Jk...I am glad things are going well. Please reassure me that this time around everything is way easier?? Experience is everything right?

2003beachbunch said...

LOL. Maybe that can be her new job! I am hoping that I can keep this up after everyone leaves. The birth was 6,000 times for the rest well I am not going to lie to you so I am just going to keep quiet :-) Totally different experiences!

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