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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Belated Labor Day!

I hope that this blog finds the majority of you in bed instead of sitting up like myself :-) Still sleepless in Jacksonville. I guess Isaac is just preparing me for what is to come.
We wanted to wish everyone a happy Labor day even if it is a day late! We have had a pretty low key weekend (mostly out of necessity for my sake.) Let's see what we have been up to....
Kendall and I had lunch with Stef and Greyson on Friday. We had a blast even though Kendall fell asleep in my lap in the play area of Chick Fil A! I don't remember what we did on Friday night???? Saturday, we went to a birthday party for Gabriel (one of Kendall's friends from play group) in the afternoon/evening time. Kendall had so much fun that I see a slip n' slide is in order for next summer! Sunday we were blessed with some pound cake from our dear adopted "grandparents" from church. Of course as usual we enjoyed church and our fellowship time with our Sunday school class.
Kendall got in trouble in her nursery class....she likes to be a lion or tiger which involves roaring. She had this one little boy pinned and was roaring in his face....he didn't like it so he pushed her down. Both kids got time out but Kendall told her teacher "NO!" and wasn't abiding by the time out rule very well so when we went to pick her up we got this report.
I tried the old stand by on the way out of church...."when mommy and daddy aren't around then you need to obey your teacher or the adult in charge...." Ben also talked to her when he was putting her up in the burb. He told her that even though we play at the house with roaring that we shouldn't do that to other kids. She responded, "He pushed me!" O.K. yes he did but that was because you were roaring in his face and he didn't want you to. Kendall then told us, "I just teasing."
There you go solid 2 year old logic!
We went shopping a little bit on Sunday evening hoping that the walking would kick start my labor. No such luck.
Yesterday was just plain old us relaxing again due to my uncomfortableness. Today (Tuesday) is going to be orientation at St. Anne's for Kendall's Parents Morning Out class. I do believe that Thursday is not coming soon enough!
So you are caught up with us :-) Let us know how your labor day weekend was!


Turner Family said...

I am glad you had a nice relaxing weekend.
I am sure the day is coming when Joey gets in trouble like that. Joey started school today. He was psyched.

Michelle said...

I am glad Labor Day weekend was relaxing for you, Ben and Kendall! Hope you are feeling good too!

Cookster said...

Good luck, Jamie! Any day now! Isaac is on the way!

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