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Friday, September 5, 2008

Preparing for Hanna

As the first drops of rain are beginning to fall on eastern NC, I just wanted to let ya'll know that we are prepared now after a big trip to Walmart yesterday morning and another to Food Lion today if Hanna decides to descend on us. The laundry is at least washed if not folded just quite yet, I have started securing things outside but Ben will have to finish, the burb is filled up with gas as will the car as well when Ben gets off, I am hoping to get online in a little bit to pay the bills, and I think that we are stocked with food & drinks. I know that this isn't supposed to be the big one to worry about but I would rather prepare for the worst & hope for the best. That being said.........

OB update

I am 75-80% effaced and a loose 3 cm which is about 4 cm dilated. The midwife thinks that Isaac is over 7 pounds now and his heartbeat was in the low 150's yesterday. She began to stir my membranes (why all of a sudden do I feel like a mixed drink?) then decided that she had better not with the upcoming weather & the fact that this is baby #2. She asked how close we were to the hospital in the event that we need to get there in a hurry. I know that it is no secret that I am ready to hold this little guy but I really wish that he will wait until after Hanna. I think that we have decided the safest course of action if it happens tonight during the worst of the tropical storm/hurricane, we will take Kendall with us so not to risk my friend Stef and her kids or our safety. Prayers are much appreciated!

Kendall had her first day back to Parents Morning Out yesterday and had a blast. It will be so nice to have her back on a "normal" schedule plus get her some more time with other kids. There is only 1 boy in her Thursday class so hopefully she won't get in too much trouble!

Ben is not going to be able to check in to his new squadron until September 16th so that he can get his replacement up to speed at the wing before leaving. He will be leaving for California on the 27th to help bring the aircraft back to NC. Unfortunately, he will be missing his mom's visit since she flies in that day and leaves on October 4th. (He probably won't be back by then.) I will be grateful for the company and help though!

My friend Laura, from college, is to be coming in on the 10th so I am worried that Hurricane Ike might keep her from visiting and I have been so looking forward to having her here. We will see as the time approaches!

Depending on when Isaac decides to get here, we will be scheduling mom and dad's visit in here as well!

Sorry for the verbose posting but I thought that I would jot a few things down while 1. we have power, 2. while I don't have 2 crazy children and 3. just because I can :-)

Ben will try to keep the blog up after Isaac gets here with pictures and the like.

Happy Birthday to Judd today and my Grandma Wonderling tomorrow!!


Honeybee said...

Thinking of you guys Jamie!!!

Bess said...

Good luck Jamie! We are hoping to keep our power on here too. I really hope Isaac waits this one out! You can give birth on Monday maybe! ;)

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