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Monday, June 9, 2008

Verbose posting.....

........on our weekend!
Even though it was crazy hot here in NC, we spent a lot of time outside this weekend. Saturday morning, we went to our home owner's association meeting. Ben stayed and I took Kendall home because she was pretty rowdy. Good news came out of the meeting....they had projected that each family was going to have to fork over $500 for retaining ponds in our neighborhood. Turns out the HOA (a.k.a. us) is not responsible for it so we are extremely grateful not to lose that money!
Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed Colbi's bday party and some great fellowship. The kids spent a lot of time in the pool, sprinklers, and with water balloons & water guns.
Sunday after church and sunday school we decided to go to the air show at Cherry Point. I was so very excited to see the Blue Angels fly again. When we got there, the car thermometer read 98 degrees with a very high heat index. (Probably making it feel about Heider family coming to the OBX....take note!!) Kendall loved seeing all of the aircraft and really didn't startle at all with all the loud noises. I ended up sitting in the handicap tent a lot and also in Kendall's stroller. (Don't ask!) Needless to say, we had a great time minus me almost passing out several times & not getting to see the whole Blue Angels performance.
Let's see some other updates......
Congratulations to Josh on his new job!
Happy Anniversary to Aunt Donna and Uncle Truck.
We actually found out that there were 125 participants in the Cherry Point Triathlon. Ben's ranking was actually #8 overall since they had included relay people in the original #11 ranking. What a great job :-)
He is working towards doing a super sprint triathlon on June 29th. I believe that it goes like this for those not familiar with triatlons..... 350 meter swim, 1.5 mile run, 10 mile bike then back through transition for another 10 mile bike, 1.5 mile run, and ending with 350 meter swim. I am sure that if I got it wrong he will correct me :-) I am extremely glad that Mom and Dad will be here to help me with Kendall for this one!
Other than that, he is doing a great job of keeping up with all of the house stuff and trying to help me out when he has time.
Hard to believe she is going to be 2 this month! It makes me so sad to think that she is a little girl now. She is learning something new everyday. Not too much news right now on her!
We decided to go with the second set of bedding. I am pumped to start his room but we are still working on getting Kendall into her new room before we can start that project! I have another OB appt today that I am hoping will put us back on a normal schedule!
I am going to try to learn how to hook the camera up to Ben's laptop so that we can post pics from this weekend's bday party and air show!


Turner Family said...

I can't believe that you went to the airshow. When I was pregnant with Thomas I was so miserable in the heat that I wouldn't go outside. That is why the other two boys have winter birthdays, I planned better with them.

keith&michelle said...

the heat sounds miserable jamie! drink lots of fluids - ruiz orders!
ok, so ben is just about crazy right? i am still trying to get enough balls to participate in one mini-triathalon! you go ben! congrats to him on the last one too. i have to say, he is my secret hero :-)

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