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Friday, June 6, 2008

Last day of school, dancing, & black widows return...

Yesterday was Kendall's last day of PMO or school as we have been calling it. Just so she gets used to going there and liking it :-) Her teacher and assistant were so wonderful this past year and did such an awesome job with her. I can't wait until this September when she gets to go again. I am quite sure that I will not do an adequate job at keeping her up to date with all of the art projects that she is used to.
To celebrate her last day, one of the little boys in her class gave her a hug & kissed her on her cheek.....she promptly grabbed his face between her little hands and kissed him on the lips. (Yeah she is taking after Taylor Stef!!) Ben said that he needs to have a serious talk with this boy to see what his intentions are for our daughter!
They had a picnic there but decided that it was too hot to take the kiddos out. Boy was it! I think that the car thermometer read 98 degrees.
It was not too hot for Benny though....JK babe! He went outside (despite the heat and my warnings of heat stroke) to use some unexpected free time to seed the grass some more out front and work on putting more of the slate rock that we "imported" from PA into the flower beds.
Also, he had his work cut out for him in killing some more black widow spiders. I spotted a web in the back yard that I knew was one & he confirmed it when he saw the spider. He also killed another 3 or so as the day wore on. Those of you who know me well....know how much I hate spiders & the fact that I had to deal with these stupid things last summer. Today I am going to call our bug exterminator to get them to spray the yard since Kendall is always into everything. We called our vet because we worried that might have been the cause for Mo's problems last week. He called back to let me know that he didn't think that was the cause. Thank goodness for that!
Kendall has started liking to really shake her booty. The funny thing is it is not normally to regular music. She likes to hear the preprogrammed music from the keyboard that Jim & Chris gave me. It has started to become a little bit of a tradition for us to be shaking our booty with Bug. What a great girl!
I am going to take our other laptop into be looked at....Ben thinks that it has crashed. I am praying that if that is the case that the computer specialist can pull our pictures off of it because I don't have all of them saved or printed out. So for the time being we probably won't have any pics on the blog :-(
Let's we are hoping to go to the kiddie pool with our playgroup. We will see how that goes :-)


Mark and Melissa said...

Well when you get your lap tap back up and running, you'll have to post some pics of this booty shakin'!

Mark and Melissa said...

Oops...what's a lap tap? Ha! Laptop is what I meant. least it's Friday!

keith&michelle said...

yay kendall! she is in charge with the boys, not a bad thing!

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