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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We've been up to.....

No Good! Just kidding.
The past few days have been a big blur with activity. We really lucked out as Ben has been done with class at Cherry Point by 1 p.m. each day so he has been coming home instead of spending that time up there. Even though a few day seperation seems like a drop in the bucket after all of the deployments, we were glad to have him home instead of gone! Today is his last day of class so it will be back to the daily grind tomorrow!
Benny started to move the furniture from the spare room or soon to be Kendall's big girl room & taped a lot of it off last night. The hope is to get it finished today then start painting tonight. I guess Ben is going to have my dad help him with the crown molding this weekend. I am excited for Kendall to see the finished project.
Monday I was OCD about finishing the front porch plants. We did 11 pottings in total. I must admit I was exhausted but feeling very accomplished! I have no idea where this gardening kick has come from but I LOVE it. I can't wait to start the back porch planting and the backyard fence. I have several visions for what I want to do with both.
I worked yesterday. All I can say is WOW. I know that I have mentioned just about every week how many chemos we have now but it just amazes me every week. I decided to pick up another 1/2 day to help Janice (the full time RN) out. She normally has my help on Tuesday and another PRN nurse picks up one other day of the week but with 20 chemos a day on average plus nurse visits, billing, paperwork, and other things it is easy to get burned out. I am only going to do a day that Kendall is at PMO and of course that will be ending for the summer in May or June so we will see.....
Last night was a wives coffee for Ben's current squadron. It was a great time and yummy food! There were so many new wives there.....took me back to my first coffee and wondering what the heck I got myself into! It also made me feel pretty old :-) but I guess that is to be expected. I am doing the coffee next month so I am going to try to work on my menu. Any suggestions?
Kendall's rec play group is canceled for today so I guess we will be going to lap time then running some errands!
That about sums it up here.....hope that ya'll are having a blessed day.


Turner Family said...

I love to work out in the yard. Of course, it is very difficult when you have little helpers running around. Our backyard will never look as great as my husband thinks it should. We have two boys and two dogs. It is their yard.

2003beachbunch said...

Ha,ha. I only have the 2 dogs and 1 kiddo so I can only imagine :-) It's fun to get out and work with your hands though.

Turner Family said...

Ah, yes, but next year at this time you will have two little kids. Then we will be even.

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