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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

First let me say that today is sad for me because we are hitting some milestones here! Kendall is on her last week of PMO and will be onto pre-school in September...where is the time going?! Isaac had his first ride in a big boy car seat instead of the infant carrier. (Even though he has been over the weight for awhile now I just couldn't bear the thought of moving him! Too grown up for this mama!)
We had a great weekend. Friday night we had a great time with small group and started a new lesson on parenting.
Saturday we got up at the crack of dawn & went to watch Ben do the Cherry Point Triathlon. He did great as usual and came in 2nd in his age group. I will post his final times when he gets them to me. (I also have video that I need to download when I get time.)
We ran home to get cleaned up then went to the CO's house for an appreciation dinner that night. Kendall and Isaac did great for our new babysitter so I was pumped about that since we will be using her again on Friday night!
Sunday we were blessed with some downtime after church and Sunday school to let all of us recharge our batteries....which was desperately needed!
Yesterday, Ben came home to keep the kids & I went to the doctor for my knee. He is going to get an MRI to see what is going on then decide if I need to go back to PT or what is going on. After that, I went to the dentist to get my ortho work up. (I will find out next week how long and how much my braces are going to set us back.) I also finally got my broken tooth fixed. My mouth is pretty sore today but it is much better than last night! Anyway, you know that I couldn't leave you without some pictures!!
Kendall cheesing it up for her next to last day of "school"/ PMO.
Isaac's first big boy ride!
Isaac found Ben's sunglasses hilarious on Saturday
After the triathlon
Father and son moment
Kendall loves her daddy and was wishing him good luck before the race!
I can't take claim for this photo....Kendall took it with my camera!
Oh we were blessed to hang out with some friends during the race so it made it easier to wait for Ben to get done! Thanks Kelly!



Mom2WildBoys said...

What fun pictures! Call me the car seat nazi, but I have to mention that Isaac's straps on his carseat are positioned too high. They should be at or BELOW his shoulders when rear facing. I just don't want him to get hurt in case of an accident!!! He's too cute!
Ya'll take care!

Lindsay said...

Those pics are so cute!! Just so you know, I get a higher base pay for PRN premium. I get a shift diff for evenings or nights. I hope you can find something that fits your family. One day a week would be nice too. Maybe something will pop up.

Chris said...

Thanks for the highlites, Jamie. Some of the pictures of Isaac make him look like a "baby Ben". I love you!

Aunt Diane said...

love the picture of Isaac in his new car seat--what a character!

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