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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Words instead of pictures

Back is you blog slacker Jamie. I have some quiet time and decided that I should update y'all on our activities in more than just pictures. (Even though a picture is worth a thousand words.)

Let's see....the past week I have been dealing with poop & throw up. From the human children to the 4 legged children.

After those graphics, we have been hanging steady. We are keeping up with our normal schedule......Sunday is church & Sunday school then relaxing/cleaning the house. I have had nursery desk duty and been to a nursery committee meeting also some of these past Sundays. Our fearless leader has decided after 7 years to step down from the nursery ministry so we are looking for someone else to lead us over the next 2 months.

Monday entails my friend, Kelly, and her son coming over so that we can do our prayer group. We are reading "Shepherding a child's heart." which is good so far.

Tuesday, Kendall goes to PMO & I have had several different activities go on while she is there. I completed the family readiness advisor training for the volunteer spot that I have for Ben's squadron & I also completed some online training that I needed to do for that. I attended the morale support coffee for Ben's squadron as well.

Wednesday is errand day. It has been going well as Kendall has discovered a passion for shopping. She asks to do it nearly every day. Man I wish the checking account could keep up with that! We have been also going to Wednesday night dinner and service at the church. I cannot explain to you how phenomenal our new pastor has turned out to be!

Thursdays are Kendall to PMO & my ladies Bible study. We just completed Beth Moore's "It's tough being a woman." We start a new one next week. I met some great ladies that I otherwise probably wouldn't have had the chance to see with the growth of our church.

Fridays are a hodge podge of things going on. The only steady one is our small group which I immensely enjoy.

Let's see some of the other blanks....we have been patronizing several fast food joints. We have been enjoying getting together with friends that also have spouses out of town to let the kids play & us to eat!

Yesterday, we went to Ben's squadron to fill up Easter baskets. His squadron is doing an outreach program to the foster children of Craven county. It was super fun and really neat to teach Kendall (Or try to teach her) about giving to those less fortunate than what we are.

Ben continues to do well in California but is way busy flying lots of hours. We are looking forward to having him home hopefully for Easter.

Sorry I have been neglecting email & posting on here but seriously I really haven't had much time to really enjoy typing our comings and goings. I know that this stage shall pass and I am sure that when Ben gets home it will be hunky dory (nothing ever goes wrong when he is here to help!) again.


Chris said...

Jamie, you are staying very busy. Makes time fly, huh? You are getting allot of Bible study, fellowship and prayer. . . I loved that as a young Mom. Take care of yourself in the meantime. I love Beth Moore, she is an awesome Bible teacher. I am glad you appreciate your new pastor. . . I hope the church remembers that he is a gift from God, and he and his family need love and prayer just like everyone else. the flowers from Ben are precious...he did not learn that from his you can take credit for that part....I am glad he has grown up to be a thoughtful man. . .his Dad has been thoughtful in other ways through the years. I love you! Chris

2003beachbunch said...

Hey Chris!
Yeah staying busy definitely helps to make the time go by! :-) I am working on keeping myself in good working order too.
Benny is definitely one of a kind & those flowers hit the spot!
Hope you are doing well. Tell Jim hello for me too. Kendall really enjoyed talking to Gabrielle & has been asking to see her!
Talk to you soon.
Love you.

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