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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beautiful, glorious weekend

And it's only Saturday morning!
I will start with the best news that came yesterday from Ben. He talked to the operations officer for his new squadron & it looks like they are not going to have him come out to California until late September. Obviously, this is the answer to many prayers on our part that he be able to be here for the birth. I am very excited but I am bracing myself for something to go wrong & remaining semper gumby!
I went yesterday to have the prenatal massage that Ben got me for mother's day at a local day spa here in J'ville. Even though I didn't get to finish it.....I almost passed out twice so they decided that it wasn't a good idea to finish. They didn't charge me which I felt super bad about so I left a big tip for the gal that was working on me. In all of the craziness, they discovered that I still had a $42 balance from a gift card that Ben got me back in 2005. What a great surprise! I was really thrilled that they are going to let me use it since I don't have the actual gift card anymore.
We rented "I am Legend" last night which was about the only downer of the weekend. I love Will Smith so I expected much more and it was just not there!
Well better get working on the house....we are going to try to get it whipped into shape so that I can work on my continuing ed credits!


Melissa said...

I'm so glad about your good news! Where is he going to be in Cali? Maybe we could have dinner some time!

keith&michelle said...

Great news! I am happy for you guys!

What happened with the massage thing? How come you passed out?

Turner Family said...

I am glad that will be there now. That is great.
I am sorry you didn't handle the massage well. That just means after Isaac is here you will have to go then. That is when you are going to need it.

2003beachbunch said...

Thanks guys! We are obviously very happy that he will be there too. It is especially good since we are not sure if this will be our last pregnancy or not so it might be his only chance to see one of our children brought into this world!

I think that I was just getting super light headed from the heat? I am not sure that is why but they said that some women don't tolerate massages well during pregnancy. I am definately looking forward to using it after he gets here!

Ben will be in San Diego at Pendleton. I am not sure when or how long. They are slated to bring the air craft back on October 1. I know that he will probably want to get in touch with his good buddies Dan and Will but I am sure if he has time that he would love to see you and Mark Melissa!

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