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Friday, April 11, 2008

Here's the skinny....

on the past few days that is!
I have been having problems with what I think is my sciatic nerve since Monday evening. Thank God I have an OB appt this afternoon to see what I can do with it. I have been trying to get my things done around the house, Kendall's activities, my activities, and taking care of the family so the blog kind of fell by the wayside! Sorry :-)
Tuesday was a nice, steady pace at work. I enjoy having days like that when I can actually visit with the patients to see what is new with them. I got to see an old familiar face of one of my favorite patients as well so that was a bonus. He stopped in since he heard that I would be getting big & round again!
Wednesday was my echo. It went well. I don't have the results yet and won't until after the holter test so.....the tech said that he didn't have to do much writing so it was a good thing but he of course couldn't tell me anything officially!
Kendall went to her lap time at the library but we missed out on the rec center as it seemed that her teeth were really bothering her.
Thursday, Kendall had "class/school" pictures at her PMO. We will see how they turn out :-) I will be able to email our close family and friends a link with a password so that you can see them and order them if you wish.
I was misbehaving in the house yesterday. Of course since Jess is coming and I am going to be having the wives coffee here in a little bit I felt the need to start cleaning. I had Ben move some furniture for me so that I could steam clean the carpets. Everything went fine until I decided that I didn't need to wait until Ben got home to move it back.....I know!
I managed to get Kendall to the playground for our playgroup and she had a blast esp. with her one little "boy" friend.
That brings us to today....I am supposed to be going to a mom's morning out in about 15 minutes but since I am having problems moving I think that I will pass on it for this month :-( Bummed about I just gave Kendall some teething tablets and out her down for a nap so that kind of takes presidence right now.
We will be going this afternoon for my OB appt. I am excited as I will be able to get my appt scheduled for the ultrasound that will tell us what the sex of the baby is! I think that we have decided on a boys name but we are still working on the girls......


keith&michelle said...

i am anxious to hear all about your next dr appt! hope kendall's gums are better today :)

2003beachbunch said...

Thanks Michelle! Kendall is doing better....teeth are through so we will see. the dr. appt. went ok. I have to see a maternal/fetal specialist because of the cardiac stuff....not super excited about that but want to make sure that the baby and I are ok! Thanks for your concern :-)

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