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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Miss Kymber's 2nd non-stress test

Before I tell you how yesterday's non-stress test went, can I just tell you how thankful I am for "smart phones?"
I am pretty much only comfortable (laughing as I type that) in my bed which has lead me to feel pretty isolated even from my own family who obviously don't want to hang out in my room all the time.
So having the phone, I have been able to pin recipes (that I want to make when I am able to stand longer than 10 minutes), work-outs that I hope to do in the near future, outfits that I want to fit into, sewing ideas, etc onto Pinterest. I can BLOG from this phone, I can surf the internet, I can facebook stalk everyone, and more importantly call, email and text friends.
Whew what a life-saver the phone has been!
Ok so I wanted to start out with a praise before going into my visit.
Just a warning, I will be sort-of graphic so if you are squeamish don't read on!
Miss Kymber passed the NST again. She had a few sustained accelerations but that is normal & good for their heartbeats to do that.
She still has some sort of funky heart rhythm issue going on. It is kind of a wait and monitor type of situation. Nothing super serious but just something to watch.
I have had a pretty yucky week health-wise so you have to pass that information onto the RN that completes the NST. In doing so, I mentioned that on Friday morning at 0300 I thought that my water might have broke. (Just a little gush of fluid that stopped so I didn't think anything of it.)
Unfortunately, with that news and the fact that I was contracting regularly on the monitor, I had to be checked. Currently, sitting at 1-2 cm dilated (not a big deal at this point since I am almost 37 weeks)
They are concerned that since Kymber is still breech, I have been having such chest tightness/pain, shortness of breath, that this is my 3rd baby, the other 2 babies both came 2 weeks early, Kymber's large size, & the contractions being so strong that things might happen "fast."
Instructions were to pack bags to make sure that we were ready and not to "dilly dally" getting into the hospital because they do not want to attempt a vaginal breech delivery and obviously don't want a "crash" or emergency c-section.
I have been drinking like a fish (non-alcoholic of course!) and resting. Miss Kymber has such a sense of humor because the only time I don't have contractions is laying down.
So in a nut-shell, that is what is going on here. Trying to remain focused on the positive & so very glad that my dad has been here the past week to help. Really, if we can get past Tuesday, I am ready for her to get here......
To be continued!

1 comment:

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Yes, it sounds like you are ready :o) Yesterday, our daughter had to have a check on her little one's heartbeat. The day before at her routine appt, a little sign of arrhythmia was noted. But yesterday, all was just fine. less than 2 weeks until her due date :o)

Hope you get lots of rest.

Blessings & Aloha!
...stop by some time if you have a post prior to my current one is about our daughter's progress in their nursery :o)

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