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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Procrastination at its finest!

We just got home and although I have many things to do at the house and some serious reading to do I am contemplating a nap since the kiddos are down :-)
Where do I head instead????Of course to blog world.
We just had a great impromptu breakfast/lunch date with Stef & Greyson. I headed out the door promising Kendall we were going to eat breakfast. (My mom's morning out group was supposed to meet today but I was a little late so I missed them.....) I called Stef and she was headed to work out so I conned her into eating at Chick fil A instead.....what a good friend I am :-) We had a great time visiting! Thanks Stef. Happy 1st Birthday Greyson!!
happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
We had a fun afternoon yesterday since Brodi and Colbi came to visit us! Kendall always has a blast with the boys. Tonight I have a nursery comittee meeting for church so I am praying that Isaac will be a good boy for Ben while I am gone.
I start my first ladies bible study in Jacksonville tomorrow. We are doing Esther. (I am supposed to read that before I go tomorrow.....need to get on that one!!!) Ben and I have homework in our marriage book for small group on Friday night & we have our homework on Isaiah for Sunday school. I am feeling like I am back in school with all the reading :-) It is good to be learning again though!
Since many of you have been asking, I am still praying and waiting to see where I need to be as far as my nursing career. If you could do the same I will let you know when that happens!


stef said...

Hey girl Greyson and I enjoyed spending his birthday morning with you guys we had a great time at our breakfast/lunch date... It was def. better than running on the treadmill..;) (hehe) Thanks again girl...

Turner Family said...

If you want to come back to Pensacola, I will stay home with all the kids and you can have my nursing career. Just kidding, it is a difficult thing to decide an know what to do. I will pray for you.

Lindsay said...

Jamie, this is off subject here but where did you work in pensacola if you did? I am getting ready to find a prn job and was wondering what your recommendations are.

2003beachbunch said...

Stef....just saw Cody today. I waved but I don't think that he saw me! What did ya'll do for Greysons bday?
Andrea....I think you might lose your mind with all of the kids :-) Sometimes I think that it is easier to go to work. God will provide an's just the waiting that is killing me!
Lindsay....I worked at Baptist Hospital on 3 west Oncology. I LOVED it there. Of course we haven't been there in 4+ years so....Sacry heart was just too much for me & West FL had changed hands several times when we were there. I hope that helps! You are a brave woman!

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