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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Dentist

I had envisioned posting a cute picture of Kendall sitting up in the dentist chair like a big girl with a huge cheesy smile on her face and what you are receiving is this......
It wasn't as bad as it could have been. I ended up sitting in the chair with Kendall in my lap. The dental hygienist was extremely patient with her. We finally got her to open her mouth by giving her a Diego toothbrush and she showed the hygienist how to brush her teeth. They said that she looked really dark spots, teeth fairly decent, etc.
Our dentist came in and Kendall freaked. Could be because I was sittting in the chair with a screaming Isaac & a tired Kendall?!? He crouched down next to her but she wouldn't even smile. I am hoping that our next visit in June goes better.
Aunt Diane....any suggestions? I kept telling her we have fun here & we showed her how the chair moves.......
Andrea....I don't know that Kendall wants to be a dentist anytime soon! Your boys are so good!


Turner Family said...

I am sure it helped that my dentist doesn't see kids until age 3 and at 2 1/2 he just talks to them and counts teach at one of my visits. Also Luke is going to be awful, because they can't have the same problems. It would be was too easy.

Aunt Diane said...

Don't say anything else about it to her. It's over and finished, and the less said the better. It is great that the hygienist got to take a peek, even if it was just visual, with no dental instruments. The object is to not let the child "win" by not opening up their mouth at all. A small success of just interacting with a child is better than none at all, and I have had plenty of kids sitting on their moms' laps. I also agree with the previous post where it is sometimes more common to see kids when they are at least 3 years old. Then they have more speech skills and can banter back and forth a little more. But, now that she is finished, I wouldn't say anything else about it unless she does. And then keep it positive, like "What a cool place, and they gave you such a neat toothbrush too" I have seen kids do complete about faces in behavior in 6 months time, mostly for the better, but every now and then for the worse!! Sometimes it depends on the time of day, whether they are hungry or tired, or if they've had to wait for a long time in the waiting room. Could've been that she was still feeling some of the stress of the big weekend and all of the traveling. As much as we try to psycho-analyze, the kids pretty much do whatever they want to do--you just keep your fingers crossed that it is somewhat in the direction of what you would like!! That's why I don't work in a pedodontist office exclusively with only kids!!!

Kudos to you for taking her AND Isaac at the same time!

Also, it was great fun to see you all for Thanksgiving. The girls will win again at Trivial Pursuit!!

Love, Aunt Diane

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