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Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling exposed......

Since it has been about a week since I last posted, let me start with what is on my mind. I got a phone call from Ben this morning that started with...."don't get upset....." Never a good sign as usually Ben is about to drop something crazy that the military has sprung on him. Today it was that 2 out of 3 of our cars were broken into last night. It looks like the thief/thieves only got the radar detector. I am not sure why they didn't take the dvd player in the burb but I am extremely thankful with 2 long drives ahead of us in the next few weeks. Ben filed a police report with the cop that was out there this morning. By 0730, the cop said it looked like 2-3 people on our street & 4-5 people on other streets in our neighborhood had been hit. We are not holding out much hope to receive our stuff back but it could have been much worse as sometimes I leave my purse in the car when I am super tired so.....

On that happy note.....we had a very nice but short visit with Ben's dad. They got some things done around the house like putting crown molding up in the family room (Ben just has to caulk, fill, and paint it to finish it up) a new ceiling fan/light in the living room, and they also rented an aerator for the yard then spread fertilizer & winter seed. (Our yard will forever be a work in progress but is about 200% better than this time last year!)

Ben and Jim got to go on 2 runs and a few errands together. I was hoping to give them some alone time but Kendall was bound and determined to go along most times. Of course I am sure that Papa and Daddy were much more fun than old mom and Isaac. We also got to take Jim to Cherry Point so I hope that he enjoying that!

Unfortunately, we also had to take Kendall to the doctor while Jim was here. She has been running a fever, cough, cold, and junk. Kendall is much better but Ben has now picked up the bug. We missed church and sunday school yesterday because everyone needed the rest & we didn't want to spread any germs. I will post pictures from Jim's visit hopefully tomorrow.

We went to a get together of our Sunday school class on Friday night. I think starting in December we are all going to try to get together every Friday night for a small group. The weekend was pretty low key as Ben had to have class all day on Saturday for his EWS school. (I missed a girls night on Saturday night with Stef and Natalie.....bummed that I didn't get out to hang out girls!!)

There you have Christmas shopping, cards, and decorating are in full swing for me. I am determined to be done early this year so I am not a big stress ball!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

jamie, i am sorry to hear the thefts. i am so glad that nothing too serious was taken. still the violation itself is so annoying! i hope to see you guys over christmas...let me know if you can squeeze in a visit!

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